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Other DC Comics characters in Smallville?

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Part 4 of "Nightshade" is now posted on That could only mean one thing: Season 7 of Smallville is fast approaching, and you're wondering when the epic clash of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor is going to happen. Let's just say that, with "Nightshade" and the previous short story "Inquisitor", the pieces are on the board ... and the game is about to begin! You can follow the links to find all of my 'Bruce fics': a world where Bruce and Clark have met.

Bruce Wayne is not the only DC Comics character to have made an appearance in my fictional universe. Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) appeared my story "Archer" -- three years before his actual appearance on the show. Clark, Chloe and Pete already had an adventure with the Emerald Archer from Star City around the time of Season 3.

Other characters who have made an apperance in my fics include Lucius Fox, Chief Operating Officer of Wayne Enterprises ... and the company 'viceroy' while Bruce continues his globe-trotting and training. (Both Clark and Chloe are starting to wonder if those trips involve more than frequent flyer points!) Close friend Harvey Dent (the future Two-Face) also makes an appearance as a celebrity defense attorney -- and yes, I do have interesting plans for his character in the future *insert maniacal cackle here*.

Naturally, you can't bring on Oliver Queen without mentioning Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary), who I've revamped as an FBI agent -- one whose path has intersected before with both Ollie and Bruce. So far she only has cameo appearances in two fics, but it's a safe bet that you can expect more from her in future stories. At this time, she won't be donning the fishnets -- the no- costumes role strictly applies in most of my fics -- but there will likely be allusions aplenty about her future.

This brings me to yet another DC Comics character, Helena Bertinelli (the future Huntress, and Dinah's future pal) whose supporting role in my fic "Vigilante" also developed an intriguing alliance between Lex Luthor and Gotham mobster Tony Zucco. In my universe, Zucco ascended to the top of the Gotham underworld by wiping out the Bertinelli clan. I expect that this unholy alliance will bear much fruit ... and many bodies beneath Gotham Harbour!

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series might recall Summer Gleeson, the redheaded TV reporter who always broke the news about Batman's activities. In my fictional universe, she is a GCTV reporter who has come close to unravelling Clark's own secrets (as well as Bruce's heart ... yeah, I know, yet another 'ship, LOL). I wouldn't count her out of the picture in future stories.

We can't mention Bruce without also discussing Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's loyal butler. In my universe, Alfred had a murky past as an MI6 operative -- a past that haunted him and has occasionally resurfaced. Will his unique friendship with Chloe Sullivan have unexpected implications and risks, as Bruce prepares to take his first steps towards his own destiny? We shall see ;).

I've always tried to use DC characters that would seem likely to make an appearance, and where they could have a realistic role to play ie it seems credible that a Dinah Lance could start a crimefighting career as an FBI agent, or that Lex would forge strategic ties with a Gotham kingpin. That would explain the abundance of Batman-universe-related characters. I would say that Alfred has been one of the more interesting characters to flesh out, since we all know he plays a pivotal role in Bruce's life and his partnership with Chloe Sullivan could be a source for future problems. If anyone knows about 'Secrets and Lies' ... it's Bruce Wayne!

I'm sure you're wondering if Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Joker, Penguin -- among others -- will make a pit stop in Smallville:

Jim Gordon: This would be extremely likely, since Bruce is really on the verge of testing out his night job. It's too early for Gordon to be the commissioner, but he would already be on the GCPD payroll. As for Babs, who knows?

Joker: Would I like to use him in a future fic? Yes! Could I construct a feasible background where he might appear (before the bleached skin and crazy laugh)? Probably. I'm not sure about him, because his presence could overpower anything else in the story -- and it still should be a Smallville-related universe. I think Bruce's friendship with Lex would have to be over before I'd venture to bring on the Clown Prince of Crime. Never say never, right?

Penguin: You know, I could see him fit in. He is an underworld figure, and Gotham (or Metropolis!) could be up for grabs. Again, his background would need a Smallville reboot ie no goons dressed as penguins!

Anything is possible -- but not always probable.

My common disclaimer has been that dramatic license (in general) prevails over strict loyalty to comics/TV canon. I think I've managed to both respect the essence of the original characters in my fics while giving them an appropriate revamp. Bruce Wayne's character definitely requires the most caution and respect, and I think fans of a Bruce in Smallville will enjoy reading about glimpses of 'both' Bruces: the affable socialite, and the vigilante-in-training.

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